Angel Program

To create a Loving, Caring and Responsible society.

To provide shelter and an educational platform for less privileged children.

About Gplex Angels Program

Persatuan Kebajikan Gplex (Gplex Charity Group) was established on 18th December 2017. Gplex Angels is the term that was coined to refer to all the good hearted people who join us as either Members or Volunteers to contribute to our mission of providing and caring for children that are in need of help or care. Not only are we focusing on the children, but also on the childs parents. We believe family bond and relationship is important for the mental and spriritual growth of the child.

For the child, our aim is to provide day care services, proper sustenance (healthy and balanced meals), education and basic medical checkup. For the parents, we will focus on single parents, providing their child roundtrip transport to and from school in order to ease their burden, as well as marriage, family, career and financial counseling. On top of that, we will create a system that will assist them to locate job opportunities.

We are in the process of setting up our very first day care center. For more information, current activities and status of our center, please go to our Facebook Page.