Board of Directors

Group Chairman

Peter Lee is considered a real legend in the network marketing industry. As of today, his reach and network covers many parts of the world including China, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines and Indonesia, to name a few.

Whilst being one of the most successful network-marketers in the world is the more defining side of Peter Lee, his venture into the property sector though relatively unknown, is nothing short of legendary in its own right. Over the past few years, he has built and sold over 20 self-designed boutique bungalows, with gross development value (GDV) in excess of RM100 million, out of interest. His collection of bungalow developments spread over Country Heights in Kajang, The Mines in Seri Kembangan, as well as Subang USJ. Peter Lee built his projects with such passion and quality, that all of his completions have received the utmost recognition from their respective purchasers. With the land bank Peter Lee accumulated over the years, he is moving on to the next level of his property career.

With his wide network within Asia Pacific, Peter Lee will lead GHB into becoming a strong regional player in the real estate industry, especially in strategically defined areas such as China, to promote Malaysia as one of the top spots for property investments. Ultimately, his ultra-successful philosophy of "Go Fast, Go Big" is the catalyst that propels him to success in the network marketing arena, transforming GHB into a force to be reckoned with.

Founder and Group Chief Executive Officer

As the prestigious winner of the SOBA Young Entrepreneur of the year 2017 by Star Media, Christopher Liang is known for his sterling leadership qualities in driving the company's spectacular growth. Christopher started his early career with Telekom Malaysia (TM) as an Account Manager in charge of SME portfolio, earning him precious experience in corporate management. Shortly after, he spotted a business opportunity in tele-communications, and set up his first business venture as a specialized telemarketing company of TM products, such as Streamyx etc. At its peak, his telemarketing company employed more than 60 tele-marketers. Being a sharp entrepreneur and strong marketer, Chris quickly realized the huge potential that lay within the property sector, and has since fully switched his unparalleled marketing prowess to the real estate industry, catapulting GHB to be one of the winners of SME 100™ Awards 2016 - Fast Moving Companies™, as well as the SOBA 2019 - Best Employer Award and SOBA 2019 - Best Innovation Award.

In 2016, Christopher Liang was awarded the Top 100 Most Influential Young Entrepreneurs of 2016 by Entrepreneur Insight, and the Shang Hai Elite Entrepreneurs. The following year at the Starproperty Real Estate Awards 2017 ceremony, Christopher was awarded the Most Influential Individual 2017 (3 Stars) award.

Mr Christopher holds the degree of Bachelor of Accounting in Multimedia University (MMU) under the scholarship awarded by Yayasan Telekom Malaysia.

Co-founder and Gplex Chief Executive Officer

Ron has an immense 12 years of experience in the network marketing industry. At the tender age of 22, he had a breakthrough when he achieved his sales target. He has gained recognition and acknowledgement by numerous professional leaders for his enthusiasm and expertise in the industry.

​ With his strong passion and risk-taking nature, Ron joined Googolplex in 2014 has marked the beginning of his new career on this path. Ron was appointed as the Chief Sales Officer in 2018, and as at 2021, he was promoted to the position of Chief Executive Office, with the acknowledgement of his continuous support and efforts in leading his team as well as the success of the restructuring tasks on the flow of operations for the Sales & Marketing department.

​​ Ron foresees the Group as a platform for young adults to build up their careers in the property industry and that they would outshine their peers in other industries.