Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We believe in preserving and enhancing the environment through our paperless office practices and increasing the positive social impact through our outreach programs to the community. Our approach and believes in ‘Doing Good’ strongly lies with the understanding in giving back to the society would make a significant difference many lives.

Our Angel Program is the foundation to provide support for educations, meals or boarding to the selected under-privileged students and children.We pledged to serve our community in general and our children specifically for they owns and deserve a better future ahead.

The Group incorporates its Corporate Social Responsibilities in three crucial manners:

Philanthropy, Enviromental and Ethical Labour Practices.


The company launched 'Angel Program', comprises of donations from employees of all levels (staffs, consultants, directors). Employees are op to a deduction of 2% from their salary, bonus and commission would go into this fund, which is managed by a carefully selected committee comprising of members that held high principled regards and trust within the company. We target to accumulate RM500,000 by 2018. As a supportive action, the company itself would then match the funds every half yearly, promoting a motivation and hope for their donated funds to reach an amount that would make a significant difference in the charity chosen.

The committee would decide where the funds would be best placed, with feedback and agreement from management and staff alike. Currently, a vast majority of feedback lie with donating the funds to charity orphanages, whereupon actions such as sponsoring a child's education/meals/boarding are actions that are yet still to be decided. Future plans from the company in terms of a permanent solution to societal issues, lie with accumulating enough funds to open the company's very own home for children, Googolplex Home for the homeless kids and old folks.


Googolplex implemented our own Environmental Policies such as power saving, water consumption saving and paperless working environment. Gplex Online System plays a major part for our paperless operation. The company outings and bonding activities are concentrated to destination that provide opportunities for the team to get near to nature.

Ethical Labor Practices

Googolplex commitment and priorities to our employees are:

  • Performance management;
  • Health, safety and well-being;
  • Training and development;
  • Consulting and communicating with employees;
  • Diversity and equal opportunities.